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  • Matcha Latte 20 sachettes x 20g
    Matcha Latte 20 sachettes x 20g

    MATCHA THé 20X20G SACHETTESGinoThé vert en poudre

    Use tip:

    Matcha green tea with milk. This is a nice Matcha tea which is also easy to prepare. The loose bags contain Matcha powder, milk and sugar (lightly sweetened). A bag in…

    € 8,95
  • Tsunakawa Matcha Thé vert en poudre 30g
    Tsunakawa Matcha Thé vert en poudre 30g

    THé VERT EN POUDRE 30GTsunakawa Matcha

    Real Matcha direct imported from Japan. This Matcha does not contain sugar or any other ingredients, but only natural green tea powder.

    € 13,95
  • Gold Kili Matcha Latte
    Gold Kili Matcha Latte

    MATCHA LATTE INSTATANé 10 X 25GGold KiliGeniet van deze romige licht gezoete Matcha Latte. Handig verpakt in 10 kleine zakjes.

    € 6,50
  • Matcha thé vert sucré 150 g
    Matcha thé vert sucré 150 g

    MATCHA THé VERT EN POUDRE "OSAKA GYOKUROEN" 150GThé vert en poudreUse tip:

    Preparing Matcha tea is a form of art, zen and coming all the way to yourself. But you can also keep it easy by mixing 1 tea spoon of Matcha powder with…

    € 5,49
  • Brosse à thé matcha en bambou Ø6 cm | H11 cm
    Brosse à thé matcha en bambou Ø6 cm | H11 cm

    BROSSE à THé MATCHA EN BAMBOUThe Matcha beater is a kind of superfine whisk with all small bamboo skewers. This Bamboo whisk is still made by hand. Since the very fine bamboo hairs are also firm, the green tea Matcha is whipped…

    € 13,50
  • Latte Thé Vert 10pcs
    Latte Thé Vert 10pcs

    LATTE CORéEN THé VERT 130GRNOKCHAWON 녹차원 녹차라떼A delicious soft creamy green tea latte. Handily packed per 10 bags.

    € 6,50
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Thé Matcha

Matcha tea is a type of green tea which comes from the same plant that all greeen, black teas come from. Matcha is powdered green tea which has been consumed in Japan and China for centuries.

Matcha tea can help boost your energy, making it a great alternative to your daily cup of coffee. While it does not contain as much cafferine as coffee does.

Matcha tea is a great addition to daily moring routine. It smells amazing and tastes even better!


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