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  • Yuuki Bio Genmaicha avec du riz soufflé 100g
    Yuuki Bio Genmaicha avec du riz soufflé 100g

    HAMASA SHOTEN YUUKI GENMAICHA Thé vert biologique avec du riz soufflé 100% Thé vert avec du riz souffléKwaliteit : Lentepluk
    Is Sencha met geroosterde zilvervliesrijst (Genmai). De bereidingsproces van de Gemaicha is vroeger…

    € 6,50
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Genmaicha japonais

Genmaicha(brown rice tea) is essentially a combination of green tea and roasted rice.

Genmaicha is considered as a type of Japanese green tea and Japanese people have been enjoying it for a long time. Compared with other tea, genmaicha has a very nutty flavor which makes it more special. Because of the subtle aroma of roasted rice, it perfectly balances the bitterness.

If drank often, genmaicha can bring you some beneficial health benefits.

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