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  • Houjicha Thé vert japonais grillé 20 x 2g
    Houjicha Thé vert japonais grillé 20 x 2g

    “YUKI” HOUJICHA ほうじ茶Qualité : Récolt d'étéHoujicha betekend geroosterde groene thee. De thee bladeren worden op een hoge temperatuur geroosterd waardoor de bladeren rood bruin van kleur worden. Dit rooster techniek…

    € 5,95
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    Hamasa Jas Yuki Hojicha 100gr
    Hamasa Jas Yuki Hojicha 100gr

    HOUJI CHA100% Thé vertHojicha is a brown-coloured, roasted green tea with a mild smoky taste. The leaves of bancha or coarse leaves harvested late in the season are used for making this tea. it is low in caffeine and tannin.…

    € 6,95 € 3,95
  • New Family Hoji Cha sachettes pour une tasse (Grillé)
    New Family Hoji Cha sachettes pour une tasse (Grillé)

    NEW FAMILY HOJI-CHA SACHETTES POUR UNE TASSESachettes de thé vert 2g x 50pTokyo OSK ニューファミリーほうじ茶テ ィーバッグ ワンカップ用

    Fresh Japanese Sencha Green tea in bags. These are packed per 50…

    € 9,95
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Hojicha thé japonais

Quantité de caféine faible

Hojicha, which is a Japanese traditional tea with low caffeine content. It contains roasted wings form some of the best tea gardens in Uji. It is a low caffeine coffee alternative for late afternoon. Fresh roasted Hojicha tea has a very unique, coffee-like taste. It is neither too bitter nor too vegetal. It is a very fine tea to drink on its own, at any time of the day, or with a meal and desserts.

If you are a big fan of tea in general, and you want to try something different and special, hojicha is the best choice. Choosing your favorite hojicha tea at Seikatsu shop and get you day running!

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