Japanese snacks

Thank to the influence of Japanese culture, there are a large number of foreigners start to learn Japanese cultures, they go to Japan for vacation, they stuy in Japan even live in there. Nowadays, Japanese snacks has become a trend among especially young people.

It is reported that there are more than 2,000 Japanese original snack foods, and more than 100 new snack foods newly created in Japan. Basically, Japanese snacks are sold in almost every kind of shops in Japan, includes convenience stores, supermarkets and even the shops in the airport in order to attract tourists come from different countries. Over the years, Japan has come out with some of the most interesting and special snack foods. Nowadays, Japanese snacks are very popular especially among tourists, as you can see more and more tourists buy tons of Japanese snacks and share the pictures of the snacks in the social media.

For foreigners, it is hard to notice that snacks come and go quickly. However, in Japan, it is a common complain that snacks change so quick. Just when you find something you like, they stop producing it. In this constant changing environment, a few snacks have held up to become classics, while some of them can not meet the market, they was stopped. For those snacks which have been adored for decades years, they become symbols of Japanese snack culture. When speaking of Japanese snacks, they can be immediately remembered.

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