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  • DemiSoda Pomme 250ml
    DemiSoda Pomme 250ml

    DEMISODA POMMEDonga 데미소다(사과)Most Populair Korean Juice drink

    € 1,50
  • Jus coréen au rasins blancs au gelée de noix de coco 238ml
    Jus coréen au rasins blancs au gelée de noix de coco 238ml

    JUS DE RASIN BLANC AU GELéE DE NOIX DE COCOHaitai 해태 코코팜​Koreaanse druivensap met stukjes kokos vruchtvlees van jelly.

    € 1,70
  • DemiSoda Citron 250ml
    DemiSoda Citron 250ml

    DEMISODA CITRONDonga 데미소다(레몬)Meest Populaire Koreaanse frisdrank.

    € 1,50
  • Pocari Sweat 245ml
    Pocari Sweat 245ml

    POCARI SWEAT 245MLPocari Sweat Boisson sport de fourniture d'ionsMoisture lost by sweating, is a health drink for replenishing smoothly ion (electrolyte). Because it is an electrolyte solution containing component close to body…

    € 2,50
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Boissons coréennes

Like Korean meals and Korean snacks, Korean soda drinks are always insanely interesting and fun, while wildly different from one another and from soda drinks that are popular in most other countries.

Whether you are looking for something warm, something sweet, or something that will fill you up, go and check following soda drinks, you can find at least one which is perfect for you.

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